About Us

JTS was found with the spirit and strength of volunteerism and with a core of democracy in the middle that facilitates all volunteers come together and continue the JTS hosted events year by year. This unique tradition followed by Telugu community carries a pride among past and present volunteers of JTS.

“Operating without any organized structure yet was able to run the events successfully". JTS moved on year by year ,a growing community,  where old timers leave Japan for good and new comers joining the volunteer’s band, in a true spirit of contributing to the Telugu community and seniors giving the guidance to new comers.

All JTS events were hosted with the help of the community members who contributed money as an entrance fee, Individual contribution from the community members and the dearly loved sponsors. Each event was hosted from the money raised for that particular event. The money remained after that event has been deposited in a bank account, hoping to donate the reserve funds to charity organizations in India.

In simple words, JTS has always been a community organization run by

Everyone is encouraged to be part of the Telugu community,
please join us and help Japan Telugu community to grow.
JTS Volunteers
Anjaneyulu G
Dinesh Babu Thotakura
Jayasimha Rayapeddi
Joseph Naricitty
Kanaka Rao Rapeta
Kiran Gurram
Murali Mohan Bestha
Muralidhar Miryala
Narayana Murthy Chivukula
Nagendra Rao Appari
Ramana Gorantla
Ramana Reddy B
Tunuguntla Prabhakar
Srinivasa Sastry Pathuri
Srinivas Chakravarthi Dasari
Sivaram Pusapati
Sreekant Vadlamani
Suresh Reddy Gottikati
Venkat Rami Reddy
Venkat Reddy Konda

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